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Made by bartenders for bartenders

‘The first release from ‘Agave Thieves’ is a very smooth and complex anejo, unlike anything you have tasted before.

Being true lovers of process as well as flavour, we have combined the technical methods of rum, whisky & bourbon production techniques to create a truly unique tequila.

Partnered with the award winning ‘Triangulo’ distillery, we use 100% of the finest blue agave grown for up to 10 years and hand selected from the Corona family estate which they use to make some of the finest tequila in all of Mexico, using methods passed down through generations.

With the addition of the finest organic Mexican botanicals, this help give not only its distinct flavour but its true character.’

About Us

Ben, owner of two successful bars in Chester, UK. Firstly, renowned trade and late-night bar, The Marlbororough Arms, and Chester’s newest addition to a thriving bar scene, ‘Popcorn bar and restaurant’.

Andi, owner of award-winning catering company, ‘The Cheshire Dining Experience’, which was nominated for the best wedding caterers in the UK 2019. Michelin trained chef and local and national award-winning cocktail mixologist. Both are extremely passionate and have a love for flavours. The very best of friends who met working together and bonded over their love for tequila.



Having experimented with making their own batch of agave based spirit, they were then urged by mixologists and their large circle of trade connections to put it into practice.

Made by bartenders, for bartenders.

Ben & Andi began their adventure and tequila production in Mexico, obviously, and both instantly fell in love with the people, the food and the culture.

Wanting to honour and respect the traditions, products and history of tequila, the entire process brings the old and the new, distinctly embodied in the creation of ‘Agave Thieves’ and it’s design.

From the bottle, the label and the wax seal.

“It’s our ode to Mexico, a country we love, the true home of tequila.”

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